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Description: It is rightly said, “Readiness is when your desire is stronger than your distraction.” A School Readiness program refers to the preparation of a child for a smooth and successful transition and integration into the school environment and its routines and expectations. The purpose is to improve children's readiness for school by promoting language, reading, and social skills. At Lucknow Public School, Pragatipuram, children were introduced to different aspects of learning through exciting and hands-on activities like a special way of welcoming the kids via twist, hug, HiFi, pinning the badges etc through class teachers, making them explore the campus via school visits, giving them the healthy feel with fun-filled activities like fruit peel, colouring activity, palm painting, sorting recognition of fruits and vegetables, musical chair activities were conducted. ‘MY FIRST IMPESSION’ photo frame activity was immensely enjoyed by the toddlers which enthralled everyone around. The confidence in kids was remarkably outstanding during these activities. Children adapted to new school routines and prepare to communicate effectively in the classroom through learning, growth, and play programs under the guidance of their teachers.